Accessible tourism Valdichiana

| accessible holiday home in Tuscany, car parking conveniently placed for access to the lodgings

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No barriers
Large elevator
Gradient less than 5%
Furnishing and accessible technological stations
Access ramps to bungalows
Sliding doors
Equipped van 
Free parking
Handicapped services
Senior citizen services
Equipped gym
Outdoor pool with lift
Mobility vehicles
Shower benches

Accessible tourism

In Tuscany, the Casa Vacanza I Girasoli offers you a vacation in accessible rooms designed with disabled travelers' needs in mind, also ideal for senior citizens.

Accessible tourism is nurtured by profound respect and sensitivity, essential assumptions for true hospitality, offered to those who want to discover unusual destinations and the charm of Italy, as guests at compatible and accessible hotels, where priority is given to travelers and their vacations.  

Each room at the Casa Vacanze I Girasoli lacks architectural barriers and has numerous facilities, like the pool with liftequipped bathrooms and a gym where you can dedicate your time to exercises, with the help of a physiotherapist upon request*

From your arrival on equipped vans* to the vehicles to get around the green hotel park, everything has been designed to grant every guest with disability and their families a pleasant and serene vacation.

Excursions: the hotel organizes short trips* in the major attractions nearby.

The Casa Vacanze I Girasoli is open from April to October.

 *service at a fee.

The Casa Vacanze I Girasoli is a member of the EWB network (, identified by the motto “everywhere WITHOUT barriers”, that includes accessible tourist apartments located in Auronzo di Cadore (Casa Letizia, 8 apartments), Porretta Terme (Villa Matteucci, 6 apartments) and Ischia (Casa Pitecusa, 2 apartments).

  • Casa Vacanze I Girasoli - Accessible
  • Casa Vacanze I Girasoli - Accessible