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The Casa Vacanze I Girasoli is an inviting hotel with all the modern comforts, fully accessible to guests with mobility impairment and managed by a cordial staff, attentive to your needs, with common areas where you can chat or read and lots of outdoor space, ideal for family vacations.

The park surrounding the hotel, sheltered by gazebos and maritime pines, offers you the chance for total relax, enveloped by the Tuscan countryside fragrances in settings that let you regain energy or prepare for a business meeting in one of the hotel's meeting rooms.

We finally reopen and we do it in full compliance with the health and safety regulations in place for the COVID-19 emergency. We will be very happy to see you again and we hope to guarantee you a peaceful and fun holiday. The regulations, however, imply the application of some liability measures, we list the main ones:
a)   As a precaution, we remind you to come here equipped with sufficient masks for the entire stay in the hotel.

b)   To guarantee the safety distance, we had to remove a few tables at the restaurant and, for the same reason, we had to reduce the seats at the bar and in the swimming pool tub, so it could happen that you wait to enter safely, but we are on vacation so we can be patient.

c)   The bar will serve as usual focaccias and cold lunches, also here the access and accommodation at the tables are in order to keep the distance.

d)   The heated swimming pool is open, even here the access to the tub and arrangement of the sun beds are in order to respect the distance.

e)    The gym is closed for safety reasons.
f)   Mobility equipment (e.g. wheelchairs and scooters) will only be provided in exceptional cases and assigned for the whole period of the stay, but there will be a sanitation fee of € 5.00 per aid. Therefore, for safety and saving reasons we recommend you to bring yours.

g)   We continue, as always, to provide you with shower chairs and the use of the hoists but, for hygiene reasons, to use the hoist you need to bring your personal sling.

Each of us lived those years as a change in the life which was accustomed and with the fear of being hit by an invisible enemy, but now we can see each other again, serenely, even if we must pay more attention.
We trust in your understanding and we assure you, in case of changes in the regulations, a promptly adjustment to always give you the opportunity to enjoy your holiday to the full here with us.
We look forward to see you again and wish you a wonderful holiday at I Girasoli.

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Restaurant. Tuscan cuisine is known throughout the world for the inebriating flavor of its dishes. Housed in warm and cozy rooms, the restaurant at the Casa Vacanze I Girasoli will delight you with traditional dishes and specialties inspired by the most modern recipes, accompanied by the aroma of selected quality wines.

Activities. For guests who want to stay in shape, the Casa Vacanze I Girasoli provides an heated pool, the gym and the tennis court. The park and paths in the surrounding countryside also give you the chance to walk or jog in exclusive and exciting settings.